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The Iditarod Race Official start:

Road to official start at Willow, Alaska. Very cold


Martin Buser- one of favorites to win - very nice guy.

Lance Mackey - another favorite to win

Packing the sled for 1000 mile trip

Security Headquarters including Ham Radio check in

I was assigned Ham Radio security at starting line !

At starting line - ready to run. All dogs all wear booties for ice


Alaskan Huskies at the start line.

Siberian huskies can pull heavier weight short distances, but Alaskan huskies are superior long distance runners.

My view at start. Cameramen in front are Discovery channel. I assisted them.

The Alaskan Iditarod is longest/coldest natural race on earth.

Looking down beginning trail of 1049 mile Iditarod race to Nome. Everything you see before trees is on a frozen lake.

Starting scene of the 1049 mile Iditarod trail to Nome

"The brakes". These three guys hold back the dogs until......... GO!

Dogs are howling, jumping, and anxious to go. Starting line dog handlers hold the dogs until.. GO

Off and running!

1- Preliminaries in Anchorage

2- The Iditarod Start (new pics added 3/5/08)

3- Arriving at Saktoolik (3-8-08)

4-First Mushers arrive at Shaktoolik (including Mackey, King, Buser) Mackey and King will win, 1st - 2nd)