First 2 days at Shaktoolik, AK

My plane looking at Blaine's plane taking off from Unalakleet to Shaktoolik

Flight to Shaktoolik

Shaktoolik from air. Above Buildings is mouth of Yukon river. Below buildings is Bering Sea.

Shaktoolik is on a small pennsula where Yukon river and Bering sea meet in Norton Bay..

Shaktoolik residents helping us with Baggage/supplies

Shaktoolik Kitchen

Shaktoolik Sleeping Area

Shaktoolik Check point - Home! Note Bering sea in background

Iditarod trail through Shaktoolik in front of our check point


1- Preliminaries in Anchorage

2- The Iditarod Start (new pics added 3/5/08)

3- Arriving at Shaktoolik (3-8-08)

4-First Mushers arrive at Shaktoolik (including Mackey, King, Buser) Mackey and King will win, 1st - 2nd)