Shaktoolik Check point - Ready for mushers and dogs


Blaine and Larry at Shaktoolik Check point (quick hoods down picture - below zero and windy)

Places in interior Alaska were colder (to -55F), but Shaktoolik blows 10-20 mph most of time.

Snow is like sand blowing you in eyes. Will not make snow balls


Sorting mushers, dog food bags before they arrivre at Shaktoolik

Shaktoolik Check point, kitchen

Lance Mackey arrives first at Shaktoolik Check point

Shaktoolik check point from air - note dog teams resting

Jeff King arrives at Shaktoolik

Pretty native outfit at Shaktoolik

New Friends at Shaktoolik

Ice bergs in Bering sea at Shaktoolik


Sunset at Shaktoolik over Bering Sea

Sunset at Shaktoolik on shore of Bering Sea


1- Preliminaries in Anchorage

2- The Iditarod Start (new pictures added 3/5/08)

3- Arriving at Shaktoolik (3-8-08)

4-First Mushers arrive at Shaktoolik (including Mackey, King, Buser) Mackey and King will win, 1st - 2nd)